Mohammed Iqbal

(Deputy Manager – Engineering & Solution Support)

At Yaskawa, it has been a great experience to work in the challenging and most competitive Industrial Automation market with lots of freedom to implement our talents and skills to work towards increasing customer satisfaction by delivering international standard products.

Yaskawa's focus on the employee experience is the most promising competitive advantage that this organization has given to us.

It has developed a world-class culture to enhance leadership, ethics and the best workplace environment. Also, encourage employees to maintain a positive work-life balance and to act as role models.

Yaskawa encourages employees to be most competent to achieve the company’s and our own goals and expectations through continuous learning by providing access to training programs, workshops, conferences, and online courses.

The uniqueness of our organization is that it offers the most responsible roles with the guidance of experts to explore what the company's specific vision or mission is and how that differs from other brands in the marketplace.

Amit Tiku

(General Manager – Sales & Marketing)

Being associated with a global conglomerate has not only nurtured me as a professional but has also given me exposure to a disciplined and customer focused market approach. The organization always reiterates a friendly and supportive work environment wherein all the stakeholders are given due consideration because of the crystal-clear decision-making process.

Agnel Ronald Reegan

(Manager – Technical Support)

At Yaskawa, my journey began as a Senior Engineer in 2019. Under the leadership of department heads and their distinctive problem analysis methods, I have learned and applied solutions to challenging situations. One key aspect of Yaskawa India is the appreciation, motivation, and recognition that team leaders provide to individuals who are doing very well in their respective works.

Shivani Kumari

(Quality Inspector –Quality)

I am honored to reflect on an incredible tenure of 3 years at Yaskawa full of learning opportunities.

The environment at Yaskawa is not just about work; it's about a shared commitment to excellence and a human-centric approach. This emphasis on the human element creates a workplace that feels like a second home, where each individual's unique strengths are recognized and celebrated.

My journey at Yaskawa has been truly commendable and I eagerly anticipate the continuation of this positive trajectory.

Pramod A P

(Sr. Executive – Finance & Accounts)

Joining Yaskawa has been one of the best decisions in my life" Working as a "Sr. Executive – In Finance and accounts”, it has been a truly great journey. The company culture and policies have created a positive environment that has contributed to my overall experience.

I have focused on simplifying processes and transitioning them online. I appreciate the support of my manager and the management, who have been instrumental in making decisions and aiding in the implementation of new processes. Our collaborative efforts have resulted in successful implementation.

Yaskawa's growth as a leader in the market is inspiring, and I hope to witness and contribute to its continued success. I am genuinely thankful to the management for being part of the Yaskawa family.

Savio Dias

(Graduate Engineering Trainee – Information Technology)

At Yaskawa India, I am truly grateful for the guidance provided by the experienced and skilled experts, which has helped me in managing different IT-related tasks. Throughout my time here, I've thrived in a work environment abundant with learning opportunities and challenges, nurturing my growth and motivation, thanks to the support of my managers and colleagues. I consider it a privilege to be an important part of this outstanding organization.

MR. Sharan Kumar M

(Sr.Engineer – Sales)

Yaskawa has given me a sense of peace and stability in how I work. The people and the culture here at Yaskawa are like no other and I am always excited and look forward to coming to the office every single morning. Being a leader of innovation, I am always challenged and motivated to give my 100% in all my tasks and it has helped me grow immensely as a professional. The organization truly cares for its employees, and it helps in instilling a feeling of hope and security. As an young and budding professional, I look forward to grow big and be associated with the organization for many years to come.


(Asst. Manager – Sales & Marketing)

Recently I jointed Yaskawa India as a ASM West Region – Robotics, during this period, I focused on familiarizing myself with the company's values, goals, and operating procedures. I am actively engaged in learning about our Robotics products and internal work processes, which has been instrumental in understanding the dynamics of our work environment.

I had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with dedicated colleagues, and their guidance has been invaluable in comprehending my role's responsibilities and expectations. Through conversations and team interactions, I have gained insights into the Japanese work culture and how my contributions align with the broader company objectives.

Pradeep Srinivasan

(Asst. Manager – After Sales)

I started my career in YASKAWA as an Engineer like a small sapling, and now I am proudly growing into a nourished tree by applying my skillset daily. Leadership encouragement and support are a great source of strength for me to forge ahead with a positive impact on all our beloved customers at YASKAWA. YASKAWA has given me all the freedom to learn and upskill even more for my future golden era, which has given me a clear vision to aim for.

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