Technical support


Our motivated sales team and our highly qualified engineers have extensive experience and product knowledge and give technical support to all YASKAWA equipment by telephone, fax or e-mail.

Whether you need to locate a spare part, solve a problem with a drive’s settings or troubleshoot a machine breakdown, our Technical Support Team will assist you wherever it can.

The Technical Support Team operates from Bengaluru during normal business hours.


On-Site Service

The life cycle of a machine begins with installation and commissioning and continues with servicing and maintenance. It can include inspections, repairs, corrective maintenance or even the replacement of the machine or parts of it. Ideally it will last many years or even decades – a period in which you need to be able to rely utterly on the operational reliability of your machines.

YASKAWA India caters for this need by offering an On-Site service for all phases of the life cycle. This may include installation, commissioning, servicing, repair or replacement of parts in the event that the machine breaks down. Our highly trained engineers backed by our professional logistics team can generally be on location within 24 hours from the order being placed.


In-House Repair

Servicing, maintenance and upkeep are fundamental to the optimal operation of your machinery.Should your machinery break down or malfunction despite your best efforts to rectify the problem, YASKAWA is standing by. Our highly motivated team of professionals have more years’ experience in repairing machinery and equipment and our training program insures that our team are constantly up-to-date with the very latest technology and automation systems.

We work exclusively with original YASKAWA parts and have warehouses at Bengaluru and Mumbai allowing rapid availability of spare parts, enabling us to keep repair times short minimising costly downtime. Our engineers follow the same step by step procedures as the manufacturer and are equipped with the same tools and equipment as used by the manufacturer. After each repair, we conduct a multi-point testing process for commissioning. Our services also include warranty extensions, high priority repairs, extensive repair reports and on-site troubleshooting to investigate why problems are occurring in machinery.


Spare Parts

At Bengaluru and Mumbai, we not only keep an extensive range of complete drives, motors and controllers, but we also stock a wide variety of components to cater for all eventualities.

If there is a need for a part or a complete product, we have a broad variety of types, power ranges and specifications to ensure that spares are often available from stock at short notice.

By using standard and special transportation services, our customer can decide how and when the spare should be delivered. For machine manufacturers or large users of YASKAWA products, customer’s own spares stock can be kept to a minimum by special programs such as exchange or lease.


Engineering Service

Your success in business is heavily dependent on whether your machines and systems are working reliably and economically. It is impossible however, for any machine to remain at the cutting edge of technology; at some time it will near the end of its life cycle. This can lead to lost output and put your company at a competitive disadvantage.

Our experienced engineers and technicians are well trained, highly qualified and professional. We have the necessary breadth of expertise to explain the potential use and versatility of our products. We will modernise or old systems which are no longer feasible for technical or economic reasons. We only ever undertake modernisation work with a view to optimising processes.

From the planning and design phase right through to the retrofitting, commissioning and training. There is no better…


Global Support



As a machine builder, you can now benefit from the new support service of YASKAWA that will save you money and could help to bolster your reputation for reliability in the marketplace.

Service can be expensive enough in the short term, but the damage done to your reputation can be costlier still if attention to service is not given promptly.

YASKAWA has developed a comprehensive service that fully protects you and your customers, wherever they are located in the world. The service deploys the vast knowledge, skill, resources and quality of the world’s biggest drives manufacturer, providing a global network of after-sales support for YASKAWA branded AC inverters and servo products.

Take the opportunity to remove your service headaches, and let a globally renowned expert take the responsibility for the aftercare.


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