Motoman Spot Welding Robots

Motoman Spot Welding Robots

Motoman innovations in the robotic spot welding market include ES-series “Expert Spot” robots with an integrated spot harness.  With spot utilities (power, water, air, motor and signal lines) integrated into the profile of the robot arm, automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers realize increased flexibility and higher uptime.  Motoman’s patented multiple robot control technology allows close interaction of several arms working on a car body without fear of collision.

Motoman’s latest innovation is the 7-axis VS50 spot welding robot.  Designed to take full advantage of proven Direct Current (DC) weld timers and servo controlled actuators, Motoman is introducing a series of light weight “mini-guns.”  These powerful, compact spot guns weigh less than 50 kg, but deliver high performance with 600 kgf clamping pressure and 15,000 Amps of welding current.  The low profile and “elbow” on the VS50 robot allow it to be positioned close to the vehicle.  It can reach underneath or inside confined spaces.  The 6-axis MS80 robot complements the 7-axis VS50 arm and has a slim profile and longer reach for windshields and pillars.  These smaller, faster spot welding robots are designed to be used with full-size ES165D/ES200D model with larger guns to maximize robot density in a welding station.  This “high-density” approach reduces takt time and shortens the production line with fewer re-spot stations.


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