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Model SpecificationPayloadReachData Sheet 2D3D
MotoMINI YRC 10000.5 Kg350 mm
GP7YRC 10007 Kg 927 mm
GP8YRC 10008 Kg 727 mm
GP12YRC 100012 Kg1440 mm
GP25YRC 100025 Kg1730 mm
GP25-12YRC 100012 Kg2010 mm
GP35LYRC 100035 Kg2538 mm
GP50YRC 100050 Kg2061 mm
GP110YRC 1000110 Kg2236 mm
GP180YRC 1000180 Kg2702 mm
GP180-120YRC 1000120 Kg3058 mm
GP215YRC 1000215 Kg2912 mm
GP225YRC 1000225 Kg2702 mm
GP250YRC 1000250 Kg2710 mm
GP280YRC 1000280 Kg2446 mm
GP400YRC 1000400 Kg2942 mm
GP600YRC 1000600 Kg2942 mm
GP165RYRC 1000165 Kg3140 mm
GP200RYRC 1000200 Kg3140 mm
GP400RYRC 1000400 Kg3518 mm

This product is compatible with YRC 1000 And DX 200 Controller.




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