YASKAWA Premier League 2013

The 27th of April- YASKAWANS gathered in a close and cozy environment at SFS School Grounds to stretch muscles, holding adrenaline- Yes, all for the coveted YASKAWA Premier League- 2013 trophy, an annual cricket tournament.

There were five teams in the fray – YASKAWA Rovers, YASKAWA Bolts, YASKAWA Starlets, YASKAWA Blazers and YASKAWA Mustangs.

The format of the game was 6 overs a side with normal cricketing rules. There were 6 matches in toto.

The splendid uncertainties of cricket are also heavily dependent, sometimes, on mediocrity- this was witnessed by all those who were present in the final match of the league.

The final match was a clash between YASKAWA Starlets and YASKAWA Bolts, Bolts gave a good account of their fighting ability too, but they failed to reproduce the impressive showing from the initial matches, eventually giving way for YASKAWA Starlets to lift the trophy.

Mr. Akinori Urakawa, the President of YASKAWA India in his valedictory address stressed the importance of conducting such events frequently to motivate the employees and how he enjoyed playing cricket for the first time.

The event was well received by the YASKAWANS, as shown by their enthusiasm on and off the field as well as their discussion on the game strategy after the event. Overall, it was fruitful and rewarding effort spent!

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