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  • When someone says “AC Drive”, its size and shape may not come to your head.
    In fact, AC Drives are absolutely fundamental to our lives and benefit us without our knowing it.

    Elevators & Escalators

    AC Drives are used in nearly 100% of the elevators. Some of recent elevators operate so quietly that we do not recognize it. This smooth operation is realized by AC Drives. There are also recent escalators that move only during use. This is also realized by AC Drives. AC Drives control not only start and stop of operation but also motion speed so that escalators move faster in the morning and slower in the afternoon, corresponding to the people’s daily rhythm.

    Elevators & Escalators


    With the power of AC Drives, automobiles with even tons of weight can be moved smoothly. Without AC Drives, multilevel car park for example would repeat sudden accelerations and startings and create a dangerous situation.

    AC Drives are commonly used in trains as well. The slope car in Hikosan Mountain, Fukuoka prefecture is one example of YASKAWA’S AC Drive applications. AC Drives control powers so as to prevent the car from making a sudden start and stop and allow us enjoy sightseeing. Furthermore, AC Drives can return excess electricity to the power supply during descending by using a regeneration unit, contributing to energy conservation.

    Elevators & Escalators


    Recent air-conditioners realize optimum temperature control with AC Drives. YASKAWA’s AC Drives are widely used for large facilities such as in office complex and ensure to provide energy-saving and comfortable office environment.

    Elevators & Escalators

  • Where we can find YASKAWA’s products?

    Robots Supporting people’s live behind the curtain

    We rarely see YASKAWA Electric’s robots in everyday life.
    However, many products that make our lives comfortable are actually made by using YASKAWA’s robots.

    Robots used in the automobile manufacturing plant are a representative practical application. You may have seen them on TV. Robots move their arms quickly and accurately to weld or paint parts and play a vital role in automobile manufacturing. In fact, quick and high-quality production of automobiles is not possible without AC Drives. The utilization of robots is widespread in the automobile manufacturing industry.


    Now, large LCD televisions are becoming an integral part of our lives. YASKAWA’s robots are widely used in manufacturing lines for manufacturing such a thin LCD display as well as IC for a receive circuit. Thanks to these robots, we can enjoy strong visuals on television in the living room as if we are at a movie theater.


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