Business Summary

Total Solution Company “YASKAWA” Business Outline

The YASKAWA Electric Group consists of 78 subsidiaries and 21 affiliates with YASKAWA Electric as the core company. Each company is engaged such as in manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance and engineering, in various businesses including “Motion Control”,”Robotics”,”System Engineering”, “Information Technologies” and “Other”. The major products of each business are as follows.

Motion Control

AC servomotors and controllers, general-purpose AC Drives, AC spindle motors and controllers for machine tools, linear motors and controllers, high-speed motors, compact precision motors, hybrid motors, high-efficiency motors and AC drives, high-frequency AC Drives, matrix converters, machine controllers, vision systems, photovoltaic power conditioners, motor drive system for electric vehicles, etc.


Arc welding robots, spot welding robots, painting robots, handling robots, clean/vacuum transfer robots for semiconductor and LCD-manufacturing equipment, peripheral equipments for robots, robot-application FA systems, service robots, etc.

System Engineering

Electrical systems for steel plants, electrical instrumentation for water supply plants and sewage treatment facilities systems, roadway equipment power supplies systems, control systems for harbor loading and unloading cranes, variable-speed drive systems for printing machines and production equipments of paper, film and fabric, system information control equipment, medium-capacity and large-capacity medium-voltage AC drives, medium-capacity and large-capacity medium-voltage matrix converters, medium-voltage switching devices, control centers, system control panels, electric power distribution equipment, internal permanent magnet motors, medium and large induction motors, small power generators and power generation equipment, rotating machines for industrial uses, large-scale wind power generator, large-scale wind power converter, small-scale wind power and solar generation system, energy conservation system, etc.

Information Technology

Information-related products and services (optomechatronics, information security, and information multimedia), information management software and services, machines for office applications, etc.


Distribution services, temporary staffing, etc.

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