Material Removal Application by MOTOMAN ROBOT

Motoman Robotics offers manufacturers a wide range of robotic solutions for cutting and material removal applications. Our robots have been used extensively in laser, plasma, waterjet and oxy-fuel cutting applications, as well as grinding, polishing and finishing.

Many robots are not designed for the rigors of grinding, polishing, buffing or other material removal tasks that use the robot to manipulate a material removal tool (wire brush, sand paper, knife) over the part surface or contours. In addition to an extensive line of six-axis general-purpose robots, Motoman Robotics has a robust, application-specific DX1350 robot designed with the rigidity needed for material removal applications. In order to ensure constant surface pressure on contoured products, an active force sensing device is often used to optimize the finish on the part and increase efficiency of using abrasive consumables by as much as 10 times!

Robotic material removal systems are often required to perform multiple tasks — cut and deburr, sand and polish, etc. Two approaches – multiple spindles or spindles that can change media or tools – can be used to perform the various tasks. The method used is generally determined by the process. Experienced Motoman Robotics application engineers will help you determine the best approach for your project.


Overview Drilling cum cutting application was done upon a door trim by using a single tool for cutting different profile on the component



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