Varispeed G7

  • General Purpose inverter with Advance control drive Ratings:

    • 3ph 200V Class : 0.4 to 110kW
    • 3ph 400V Class : 0.4 to 300kW

    The Varispeed G7 is the first general-purpose inverter in the world to feature the 3-level control method for 400V with PWM. This control technique solves the problem of micro surges, and makes it possible to use the Varispeed G7 on existing motors.It protects motor winding and bearing and lengthen motor live.


    • The First Product in the world which works on 3-Level Control Method
    • Accurate Torque control which protects the machine from sudden load fluctuations.
    • High speed search function save the recovery time during momentary Power loss.
    • Low Surge voltage, Low Electrical noise,Low Acoustic noise and Leakage current is greatly reduced
    • Energy Saving control performance reduces the operational cost
    • LCD keypad display: 5 lines x 16 characters, backlit, 7 languages, copy function
    • Support Global Field bus Networks
    • Certified under UL/cUL and CE Marking as standard

    Main Application


  • 200V class Three phase

    G7 Model Number Pn(kW) In(A)
    CIMR-G7A20P4 0.4 3.2
    CIMR-G7A20P7 0.75 6
    CIMR-G7A21P5 1.5 8
    CIMR-G7A22P2 2.2 12
    CIMR-G7A23P7 3.7 18
    CIMR-G7A25P5 5.5 27
    CIMR-G7A27P5 7.5 34
    CIMR-G7A2011 11 49
    CIMR-G7A2015 15 66
    CIMR-G7A2018 18.5 80
    CIMR-G7A2022 22 96
    CIMR-G7A2030 30 130
    CIMR-G7A2037 37 160
    CIMR-G7A2045 45 183
    CIMR-G7A2055 55 224
    CIMR-G7A2075 75 300
    CIMR-G7A2090 90 358
    CIMR-G7A2110 110 415

    400V class Three phase

    G7 Model Number Pn(kW) In(A)
    CIMR-G7A40P4 0.4 1.8
    CIMR-G7A40P7 0.75 3.4
    CIMR-G7A41P5 1.5 4.8
    CIMR-G7A42P2 2.2 6.2
    CIMR-G7A43P7 3.7 9
    CIMR-G7A45P5 5.5 15
    CIMR-G7A47P5 7.5 21
    CIMR-G7A4011 11 27
    CIMR-G7A4015 15 34
    CIMR-G7A4018 18.5 42
    CIMR-G7A4022 22 52
    CIMR-G7A4030 30 65
    CIMR-G7A4037 37 80
    CIMR-G7A4045 45 97
    CIMR-G7A4055 55 128
    CIMR-G7A4075 75 165
    CIMR-G7A4090 90 195
    CIMR-G7A4110 110 240
    CIMR-G7A4132 132 270
    CIMR-G7A4160 160 302
    CIMR-G7A4185 185 370
    CIMR-G7A4220 220 450
    CIMR-G7A4300 300 605
  • Control Characteristics
    Product Varispeed G7
    Type General Purpose AC drive with advanced vector control
    Rated Output Voltage (dependent on input) Three Ph 200V Class : 200 to 240VAC
    Three Ph 400V Class : 380 to 480VAC
    Motor Types Induction Motor,
    Control Methods Sine wave PWM
    [Vector with PG, open loop vector 1, open loop vector 2, V/f, and V/f with PG (switched by
    constant setting)]
    Speed Control Range 1:200 (open loop vector control 2), 1:1000 (vector control with PG)
    Starting Torque 150% at 0.3 Hz (open loop vector control 2), 150% at 0 min-1 (vector control with PG)*
    Frequency Range 0.01 Hz to 400 Hz
    Braking Transistor Built-in braking transistor provided for AC Drives of 15 kW or less (200/400 V)
    Frequency Accuracy Digital reference: ±0.01%, -10˚C to +40˚C ; Analog reference: ±0.1%, 25˚C ±10˚C
    Frequency Setting Resolution Digital reference: 0.01 Hz; Analog reference: 0.03 Hz/60 Hz (11-bit + sign)
    Output Frequency
    0.001 Hz
    Torque Limit Can be set by parameter: 4 steps available (only when vector control)
    Accel/Decel time 0.01 to 6000.0 s (4 selectable combinations of independent acceleration and deceleration settings)
    Environmental Factors
    Ambient Temperature -10˚C to 45˚C (Open chassis type)
    Altitude 1000 m max.
    Humidity 95% RH or less (no condensation)
    Area of Use Indoor (Protected from corrosive gasses and dust)
    Protection Features 
    Motor Protection Protection by electronic thermal overload relay.
    Momentary Overcurrent
    Drive stops when output current exceeds 200% of the rated output current.
    Overload Protection 150% rated output current for 1 minute, 200% rated output current for 0.5 s
    Overvoltage Protection 200 V class: Stops when the DC bus voltage is more than approximately 410 V
    400 V class: Stops when the DC bus voltage is more than approximately 820 V
    Undervoltage Protection 200 V class: Stops when the DC bus voltage decreases to less than approximately 190 V
    400 V class: Stops when the DC bus voltage decreases to less than approximately 380 V
    Momentary Power Loss
    Stops when power loss is longer than 15 ms.
    Continues operation if power loss is shorter than 2 s (depending on parameter settings).
    Heatsink Overheat
    Stall Prevention Stall prevention during acceleration/deceleration and constant speed operation
    Ground Fault Protection Protection by electronic circuit
    Charge LED Charge LED illuminates when DC bus voltage is more than 50 V.
    Power Specifications
    Rated input Voltage/Frequency 400V Class: Three-phase AC power supply: 380/400/415/440/460/480 V, 50/60 Hz ,DC power supply: 510 to 680 V
    200V Class : Three-phase AC power supply: 200/208/220/230/240 V, 50/60 Hz, DC power supply: 270 to 340 V
    Allowable Voltage
    −15% to 10%
    Allowable Frequency
    Common Specifications
    Carrier Frequency Derating the output current enables a maximum of 15 kHz to be set.( Based on rating )
    Multi Funcction Digital Inputs 12 Digital Inputs ( NPN or PNP ) .
    Multi Function Digital Outputs 1 Programmable Relay  M1-M2 (AC 250 V, max. 1 A DC 30 V, max. 1 A min. load DC 5 V, 10 mA), 1 fault relay MA-MB-MC, 4 photocouplers P1,P2,P3,P4 (Open Collector Output 48 VDC 50 mA or less)
    Multi Function Analog Inputs 3 Multi function Analog input A1(0~+10 V), A2(4~20 mA) & A3(0~+10 V)
    Multi Function Analog Output 2 Multi function Analog outputs FM-AC &  AM-AC (-10~+10 V 2 mA)
    Pulse Train  1 Pusle Train output (0 – 32 kHz (2 kΩ))
    1 Pulse Train input (0 to 32 kHz(3 k)Hi level:3.5 to 13.2 V input)
    Serial communication MEMOBUS/Modbus (RTU mode) comm. RS-485/422, Max. 115.2 kbps
    Optional communication Protocols Mechatrolink, Profibus, CC-Link,  Bacnet, Devicenet, Lonworks
    Programming Interface Serial port .
    Additional Functions Momentary power loss restart, Speed search, Overtorque detection, Torque limit, 17-step speed
    operation (maximum), Accel/decel time changeover, S-curve accel/decel, 3-wire sequence,
    Auto-tuning (rotational or stationary), DWELL, Cooling fan ON/OFF, Slip compensation, Torque
    compensation, Jump frequency, Frequency upper/lower limit settings, DC injection braking at
    start/stop, High slip braking, PID control (with sleep function), Energy-saving control, MEMOBUS
    communications (RS-485/422 max. 19.2 kbps), Fault retry, Constant copy, Droop control, Torque
    control, Speed/torque control changeover, feed forward control, Zero-servo control, etc.


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