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International Standards

Safety Standards
Safety Stop-0(Standard)

“EN954 category 3, IEC61508 SIL2”
*Perform risk assessment for the system and confirm that the safety requirements for the standards are fulfilled before using the HWBB function.

  • Sigma-5 series offers rotary servo motor, direct drive motor and linear motor.
  • They cover all market demands with regard to high efficiency, low maintenance and cost effective solution.
  • Embedded open network, MECHATROLINK, drive, delivers best performace to the machine.
  • MECHATROLINK is Worldwide Open field network born in Japan in 1996 and one of the largest industrial field network in the world.
  • Over 1200 companies organize and total 2.5million nodes shipment is achieved in 2012.
  • The network is specially designed for “MACHINE CONTROL”.
  • For more information, Visit the MECHATROLINK Association web site
  • Height response characterstic up to 1.6 kHzNew advanced auto tuning realizes reduced positioning time through Model Following Control, and smooth machine control by Vibration Suppression Function .
    More Details

    The ∑- Vdelivers the highest Performance in the industry.

    • The best amplifierresponse in the idusty slashes settling time*: Representative value when using a combination of the SGMAV-02 ADA servomottor and SGDV-1R6A SERVOPACK at one time of the moment of inertia ratio.
      Servo adjustment Example:When the ball screw slider was run using a combination of the SGMJV-02ADA servomotor ans SGDV-1R6A SERVOPACK
    • Enhanced vibration suppression Existing functions to minimize vibration have been enhanced,and new ones added,improving tracking and further improving settling time.Vibration and noise during driving have also been cut,along withvibrationat machine edges when stopping
    • Contributing to machine perfomance in conjunction with a medium-inertia motor



    • Small Capacity
      SGMJV Series
    • Low Heating Improved motor constants have reduced both losses and heating.
    • Better Tact Time Instantaneous peak torque has been boosted from 300% to 350%, contributing to shorter tact times
    • Ease of Use Moment of inertia ratio has been doubled in the same motor, reducing the moment of inertia ratio and boosting gain for faster settling
    • Medium Capacity
      SGMGV Series
    • Compact Design Smaller package and about 20% lighter, but with the same rotor moment of inertia as the conventional model. A small encoder connector is applied.
    • Improved Vibration Resistance New coupling delivers typical 5G vibration resistance

  • Slashed setup timeSetup wizard and wiring check function of engineering tool SigmaWin+ allow easy setup, just by watching the monitor
    More Details

    Quick SetUp

    • Support All Yaskawa servo with single software called SigmaWin+.
    • Servo drive can be communicated with PC through USB
    • Powerful Servo Setting Tool deliver easy and best setting to the system

    Setup Wizard

    Simple parameter set-up with wizard-aided input.

    Trace Function

    Trace function supports to observe motor and machine condition instantly.

  • Easy to use with latest technologyNew tuning-less Function means no adjestment is needed. Impressive load regulation with strengthened Vibration Suppression Function
    More Details

    Simple Tuning

    Even without servo adjustment and with load changes, you can achieve oscillation-free drive within the allowable load moment of inertia.

    1. 1. There is no limitation in referencetype, friction degree, or machine type. The ∑-V allows stable operation at any time, without setup and saving the parameters.
    2. 2. No tuning required, You can start or stop operation at any time, without setup and saving the parameters.

    * Settling time: 100 to 150 ms level.


    The feedback gain adjustment function has a new automatic feed forward gain adjustment performance. Friction Compensation Function automatically cancels out the effect of friction on machine characteristics.* Settling time: 10 ms level.




    Fine tuning with the up and down key of the digital operator or with SigmaWin+ software can maximize machine performance.

    Settling time: 0 to 4ms level*.

    * Settling time varies depending on machine mechanism and rigidity.

1st+2nd+3rd: Current
Voltage Code Applicable Servomotor Max. Capacity kW
Single phase 100 V R70 0.05
R90 0.1
2R1 0.2
2R8 0.4
Three-phase 200 V R70*1 0.05
R90*1 0.1
1R6*1 0.2
2R8*1 0.4
3R8 0.5
5R5*1 0.75
7R6 1.0
120*2 1.5
180 2.0
200 3.0
330 5.0
470 6.0
550 7.5
590 11
780 15
Three-phase 400 V 1R9 0.5
3R5 1.0
5R4 1.5
8R4 2.0
120 3.0
170 5.0
210 6.0
260 7.5
280 11
370 15
4th digit: Power Supply Voltage
F Single-phase 100 VAC
A Three-phase 200 VAC
D Three-phase 400 VAC
5th+6th digits: Interface
01 Analog voltage/pulse train reference
(for rotary servomotors)
05 Analog voltage/pulse train reference
(for linear servomotors)
11 MECHATROLINK – II communications Reference (for rotary Servomotors)
15 MECHATROLINK – II communications Reference (for linear Servomotors)
21 MECHATROLINK – II communications Reference (for rotary Servomotors)
25 MECHATROLINK – III communications Reference (for linear Servomotors)
E1 Command Option Attachable Type (For rotary servomotors)
E5 Command Option Attachable Type (For linear servomotors)
7th digit: Revision Order
A, B
8th+9th+10th digits: Options (hardware)
000 Base-mounted (standard)
001 Rack-mounted*3
002 Varnished
003 Rack-mounted*3 and Varnished
008 Single-phase 200 VAC input
(Model: SGDV-120A01A008000)
020 Dynamic brake (DB)*4
11th+12th digits: Options (software)
00 Standard
13th digit: Options (parameter)
0 Standard

*1: These amplifiers can be powered with single or three-phase.
*2: Single-phase 200 VAC SERVOPACKs are also available. (Model: SGDV-120A01A008000)
*3: SERVOPACKs of 6 kW or more are duct-ventilated.
*4: Without any dynamic brake. For 400 VAC models, an external dynamic brake can be installed.
Note: If the option codes digits 8 to 13 are all zeros, they are omitted.
Contact your YASKAWA representative for information on combining options.

    • Option module is attached next to the drive and new feature can be added very easily.
    • Programming and configuration software
      SigmaWin+(free software) allows to make programming
    • Sigma V servo drive supports various types of option module.



    Product Outline
    • SGDV-OCA03ASimple positioning with I/O control, Easy programming
      More Details

      SGDV-OCA03A Indexer Module



      The number of Table Operation 256
      JOG Speed Setting 16
      Zone Signal output 32
      Serial Communication HR:ASCII
      Homing Methods 3
      • Simple positioning with I/O.
      • Programming on the table
      • Variable functions are available.

      Programming Example:

      Step 1:

      Select "Absolute" Position on Target Position
      Enter Target Position
      Step 2:
    • SGDV-OCA04A/-OCA05ADeviceNet(Power supply from Servo Drive/ from Cable)
      More Details

      SGDV-OCA04A/05A DeviceNet Module

      • Compliant with the communication specifications of the DeviceNet open field network.
      • Maintainability improved by the host controller using DeviceNet to monitor the operating conditions of servo drives, alarm status, and other information.
      • Full range of positioning functions featured including simple positioning, homing, continuous speed operation, positioning after continuous speed operation, and programmed operation.
      • Round micro-connectors used for the connectors.
      • Modules can be driven by two different power-supply methods: servo control power or external power.
        Note: The DeviceNet module can be used in combination with the fully-closed module.
    • SGDV-OCA05AFully closed loop Module
      More Details

      SGDV-OFA01A Fully closed loop Module

      • High-precision and high-response positioning by using feedback from detector (such as an external encoder) installed on the machine.
      • High resolution with external encoders (linear scales).

      * The serial converter unit is used with the linear scales made by HEIDENHAN Corporation or Renishaw plc. The serial converter unit is not required if using the linear scales made by Magnescale co., Ltd. or Mitutoyo Corporation.
      Note: The fully-closed module can be used in combination with the INDEXER module or DeviceNet module.

    • SGDV-OFA01ASafety Module
      More Details

      SGDV-OSA01A Safety Module

      The Safety Module complies with EN ISO13849-1 (the standards harmonized with EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC) and has safety functions equivalent to those stipulated in IEC61800-5-2. By using the module in combination with SGDV SERVOPACKs, optimum safety designs can be created for Mechanical systems to better meet the needs of the industry.

      • The first product for AC servo drives in Japan that has safety functions equivalent to the following ones stipulated in the international standard IEC.
      • Safe Torque off (STO)
      • Safe Stop 1 (SS1)
      • Safe Stop 2 (SS2)
      • Safely Limited Speed (SLS)


      • Two safety functions (A and B) are provided and stopping functions can be allocated individually to these safety functions.
      • With the attachable Safety Modules for SERVOPACKs, system configurations are simplified and compact.



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