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Items MP3300 MP3200 Remarks
CPU-301 (16 axes)
CPU-302 (16 axes)
CPU-301 (32 axes)
CPU-302 (32 axes)
CPU-201 CPU-202
Performance comparison of CPU Module*1 CPU-301: 1.5 CPU-301: 1.5 4 6 *1: When compared to MP2310 and MP2200/CPU-02
CPU-302: 4.0 CPU-302: 4.0
Number of slots (on main rack) 01-03-08 03-05-08
Rack expansion Possible
Multi-CPU configuration Not Possible Possible*2 *2: Up to 5 modules, including the main CPU module
Ethernet 100Base-TX x1 port 100Base-TX x2 ports (HUB)*3 *3: Built-in HUB function
USB I/F Provided (for storage device)
MECHATROLINK I/F Provided Provided Provided *4: Minimum communications cycle
(CPU-301 250 µs, CPU-302 125 µs*4) (250 µs*4) (125 µs*4)
Number of controlled axes SVC 16 axes 32 axes
SVR 16 axes 32 axes
Maximum number of controlled axes 256 axes (when SVB-01 or SVC-01 option modules are used, or when racks are expanded)
Program memory capacity Data tracing 256 K words 1 M words Battery backup
Table data 1 MB 3 MB
M registers 1 M words
User memory 15 MB 31 MB
Optional modules All MP2000 series optional modules available
MotormanSync-MP Ethernet connection Ethernet MP3000 bus connection
Basic Number of ladder programs High-speed scan DWGs: max. 1000, Low-speed scan DWGs: max. 2000.
functions User function DWGs: max. 2000, Motion programs: max. 512
Register types S/M/G/I/O/C/D/#
Data types B/W/L/Q/F/D/A
Index registers Subscripts I/J, and array registers
Register capacity M registers: 1 M words, G registers: 2 M words
Motion control functions Slave functions Supported
Slave CPU synchronization Supported
Communications functions Automatic reception Supported (Maximum number of automatic reception connections: 10)
File transfer functions Supported (FTP server/client)
Data tracing functions Number of groups 1, 2, 4 (selectable)
Trace memory 256 k words/4 groups 1 M words / 4 groups
Traceable data points 16 points/group
Data logging functions Number of groups 4 *5: When using recommended USB memory device
Number of log files Built-in RAM disk (max. 8 MB), or USB memory device (4 GB*1)
Data logging points 64 points
USB memory functions Backup/restore of project files, data logging, import/export of register data
Linkage functions for Σ-7 Servo Drives Servo tracing Supported
Monitoring Supported
Multi-axis tuning Development planning*6 *6: Under development
Product Product code Outline
I/O LIO-01 JAPMC-IO2300-E Digital Input:16ch Output:16ch(Sink mode) Pulse input:1ch
LIO-02 JAPMC-IO2301-E Digital Input:16ch Output:16ch(Source mode) Pulse input:1ch
LIO-04 JAPMC-IO2303-E Digital Input:32ch Output:32ch(Sink mode)
LIO-05 JAPMC-IO2304-E Digital Input:32ch Output:32ch(Source mode)
LIO-06 JAPMC-IO2305-E Digital Input:8ch Output:8ch(Sink) Analog Input:1ch Output:1ch Pulse input:1ch
DO-01 JAPMC-DO2300-E Digital Output:64ch(Sink mode)
AI-01 JAPMC-AN2300-E Analog Input:8ch
AO-01 JAPMC-AN2310-E Analog Output:4ch
CNTR-01 JAPMC-PL2300-E Pulse input:2ch, Special design for counting input pulse.
Network I/O IO2310 JEPMC-IO2310-E Digital Input:64ch Output:64ch
AN2900 JEPMC-AN2900-E Analog input:4ch
AN2910 JEPMC-AN2910-E Analog output:2ch
PL2900 JEPMC-PL2900-E Pulse input:2ch
SVA-01 JEPMC-MC2300 Analog voltage controller.
PO-01 JEPMC-PL2310-E Pulse controller
Communication Module 218lF-01 JAPMC-CM2300 Ethernet (10BASE – T) Port X 1
RS-232C Port X 1
218lF-02 JAPMC-CM23002-E Ethernet (100BASE – TX) Port X 1
RS-232C Port X 1
217lF-01 JAPMC-CM2310 RS-232C Port X 1
RS-422/485 Port X 1
260lF-01 JAPMC-CM2320 DeviceNet Port X 1
RS-232C Port X 1
261lF-01 JAPMC-CM2330 PROFIBUS Port X 1
RS-232C Port X 1
262lF-01 JAPMC-CM2303 – E FL-net (100BASE-TX) Port X 1
(10BASE-TX) Port X 1
JAPMC-CM2304 – E EtherNet/IP(Scanner and adapter) Port X 1
JAPMC-CM2305 – E Port for EtherCAT slave X 2 (1 circuit)
JAPMC-CM2390 – E CompoNet Port X 1

All-In-One Engin Eering

What if it were possible to design all kinds of products with just a single software program?

Everyone who designs systems must have asked this question.

With a view to making this possibility a reality, MPE720 Ver.7 offers a seamless engineering environment
for entire machine systems based on the concept of “All-in-One Engineering.”

By achieving it all and achieving it all on its own, MPE720 Ver.7 has created a new development style.

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MPE720 Ver.7 that brings all aspects together to make a unified whole System Integrated Engineering Tool MPE720 Ver.7 Solutions with MPE720 Seamless software CONTENTS

True evolution that defines the true value of controllers has arrived.

System Integrated Engineering Tool

The optimum development platform that has now been made available for the first time ever


Execution of all the settings and monitoring of whole systems.Multiple axes can be adjusted simultaneously using multiple windows.

New User Interface Featured

Ladder program that offers the ultimate in ease for viewing and operating Motion program that creates a new programming style

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