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The MP2000 Series Machine Controller has been developed to optimize control of machines.
It has surpassed the top achievements of PLCs and user-developed controllers to offer ideal motion control.

Machine Controller and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) : How do They Differ ?

  • Excellent at controlling I/O.
  • Focuses more on connectability to various
  • I/O devices than axes synchronization.
  • Most are modules.

  • Ideal for controlling machines and devices.
  • Focuses on precise synchronous and high-speed control on multiple motors.
  • The optimal controller models can be selected based on the device requirements.

All-in-one Type Machine Controller
The optimal controller for systems requiring high cost performance for various simple motion controls, from positioning and interpolation to sophisticated multi-axis control.

  • The power supply, CPU, 16-axis motion control function,and network (Ethernet communications for MP2310 and MP2300S) are all integrated.
  • Slots for optional modules allow the expansion of I/Os and network systems.
  • Up to 64 axes can be controlled.

Module Top Type Machine Controller
The ideal machine controller for large-scale systems requiring sophisticated multi-axis controls and reduction of tact time

  • The flagship of high-performance MP2000 Series Machine Controllers
  • Synchronous control of up to 256 axes
  • As many as 35 slots can be added for option modules.

Board Type Machine Controller
Perfect for machines connected to a personal computer

  • No additional power supply is required as it can be installed on a personal computer.
  • Runs on the same applications as others in the MP2000 Series
  • Motion APIs enable coordination with your personal computer.

All in one Controller with servo control

Whatever is needed for motion control can be integrated into the basic module. I/Os and communications can be expanded by attaching optional modules when needed. This is an all-purpose controller to which any optional module can be mounted

Name Model Built-in Number of Slots
I/O Communication Servo Control Number of controlling Axes
MP2300 JEPMC-MP2300 Input: 8,Output: 4 MECHATROLINK – II ×1 16 (* Expandable up to 64 axes) 3
MP2310 JEPMC-MP2310-E Ethernet×1
MP2300S JEPMC-MP2300S-E 1


  • MECHATROLINK is Worldwide Open field network born in Japan in 1996, one of the largest industrial field network in the world.
  • Over 1200 companies organize and total 2.5million nodes shipment is achieved in 2012.
  • The network is specially designed for “MACHINE CONTROL”.

For more information, Visit the MECHATROLINK Association web site

Selection Example

Application : HFFS(Horizontal Form Fill sealer)
No. of Servo : 4 axis

I/O: In 15, Out 5

External Encoder input: Yes

Communication: Modbus(EtherNet)


Controller : MP2300S

Module : LIO-01(16 input+16 output+1 Pulse counter)

When the MP2200 is Used??

  • Four different CPUs to choose from. You can select the CPU you need to achieve the required tact time. By simply changing the CPU, optimum tact
    time can be realized at a reasonable cost because the programs are compatible.
  • Base units are selectable. Base units with slots (4 or 9 slots) are available and can be selected according to the needs of the system
Name Model Description Number of optional module slots
MBU-01 JEPMC-BU2200 85 VAC to 276 VAC 9
MBU-02 JEPMC-BU2210 24 VDC ± 20%
MBU-03 JEPMC-BU2220-E 24 VDC ± 20% 4

The Power of CPU

You need a CPU that provides the performance your system requires. Sophisticated new devices require more time for processing due to the increased number of calculations. Tact time for those devices needs to be improved.

The performance detail

    • Proven performance of the high-speed CPU-04. Reduced application execution times. CPUs in the
      existing system can be replaced.
    • When the CPU-04 is used:1000 IC chips are transferable every 30 seconds, in half the time of the CPU-02, so productivity is doubled.

PC based MP solution

  • No need to add a power supply; it runs on an existing computer.
  • Motion Controls can be programmed directly and easily by accessing the MPE720 on a computer,via the PCI bus.
  • The servo control function is provided as a standard feature.
    • 16-axis and 32-axis controls are provided.
    • A variety of MECHATROLINK-II and III compliant models are available.
  • I/O can be expanded easily with MECHATROLINK remote I/0.
    • Name
    • Model
    • Specifications
    • Number of Controlled Access
    • MP2100
    • JAPMC-MC2100-E
    • Regular
    • 16 axes
    • MP2100M
    • JAPMC-MC2140-E
    • LINK-II
    • Speed
    • 32 axes
    • MP2101T
    • JAPMC-MC2102T-E
    • High Speed
    • 16 axes
    • MP2101TM
    • JAPMC-MC2142T-E
    • 32 axes

Easy Access to All Data from Personal Computer

  • With 51 extensive APIs,you can access all data through MS Windows programs.
  • Simple and non-real time motion controls are available.

Motion API

Motion related API

  • Device related: Servo ON/OFF
  • Positoning: JOG feed, origin return postioning, external postioning and specified time positioning
  • Interpolation: Linear, Circular and Helical
  • Torque reference
  • Gear function
  • Latch function

System API

  • Register operation: I/O operation
  • Alarm: information acquistion and alarm clearing
  • System operation: Opening,closing, and switching of object controlller
  • Operation calendar
Product Product code Outline
I/O LIO-01 JAPMC-IO2300-E Digital Input:16ch Output:16ch(Sink mode) Pulse input:1ch
LIO-02 JAPMC-IO2301-E Digital Input:16ch Output:16ch(Source mode) Pulse input:1ch
LIO-04 JAPMC-IO2303-E Digital Input:32ch Output:32ch(Sink mode)
LIO-05 JAPMC-IO2304-E Digital Input:32ch Output:32ch(Source mode)
LIO-06 JAPMC-IO2305-E Digital Input:8ch Output:8ch(Sink) Analog Input:1ch Output:1ch Pulse input:1ch
DO-01 JAPMC-DO2300-E Digital Output:64ch(Sink mode)
AI-01 JAPMC-AN2300-E Analog Input:8ch
AO-01 JAPMC-AN2310-E Analog Output:4ch
CNTR-01 JAPMC-PL2300-E Pulse input:2ch, Special design for counting input pulse.
Network I/O IO2310 JEPMC-IO2310-E Digital Input:64ch Output:64ch
AN2900 JEPMC-AN2900-E Analog input:4ch
AN2910 JEPMC-AN2910-E Analog output:2ch
PL2900 JEPMC-PL2900-E Pulse input:2ch
SVA-01 JEPMC-MC2300 Analog voltage controller.
PO-01 JEPMC-PL2310-E Pulse controller
Communication Module 218lF-01 JAPMC-CM2300 Ethernet (10BASE – T) Port X 1
RS-232C Port X 1
218lF-02 JAPMC-CM23002-E Ethernet (100BASE – TX) Port X 1
RS-232C Port X 1
217lF-01 JAPMC-CM2310 RS-232C Port X 1
RS-422/485 Port X 1
260lF-01 JAPMC-CM2320 DeviceNet Port X 1
RS-232C Port X 1
261lF-01 JAPMC-CM2330 PROFIBUS Port X 1
RS-232C Port X 1
262lF-01 JAPMC-CM2303 – E FL-net (100BASE-TX) Port X 1
(10BASE-TX) Port X 1
JAPMC-CM2304 – E EtherNet/IP(Scanner and adapter) Port X 1
JAPMC-CM2305 – E Port for EtherCAT slave X 2 (1 circuit)
JAPMC-CM2390 – E CompoNet Port X 1

All-In-One Engin Eering

What if it were possible to design all kinds of products with just a single software program?

Everyone who designs systems must have asked this question.

With a view to making this possibility a reality, MPE720 Ver.7 offers a seamless engineering environment
for entire machine systems based on the concept of “All-in-One Engineering.”

By achieving it all and achieving it all on its own, MPE720 Ver.7 has created a new development style.

For more detail & consultation:

Please feel free to contact sales@yaskawa.in or +91-80-4244-1900

MPE720 Ver.7 that brings all aspects together to make a unified whole System Integrated Engineering Tool MPE720 Ver.7 Solutions with MPE720 Seamless software CONTENTS

True evolution that defines the true value of controllers has arrived.

System Integrated Engineering Tool

The optimum development platform that has now been made available for the first time ever


Execution of all the settings and monitoring of whole systems.Multiple axes can be adjusted simultaneously using multiple windows.

New User Interface Featured

Ladder program that offers the ultimate in ease for viewing and operating Motion program that creates a new programming style

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