• High Performance Vector Control Drive A1000 Ratings:

    • 3 phase, 200V Class : 0.4kW to 110kW
    • 3 phase 400V Class : 0.4kW to 560kW

    The A1000 is the premium inverter from YASKAWA.It provides great operation reliability, environmental benefits and energy savings as well as many other user oriented


    • Encoder less operation of PM motors with full torque at zero speed
    • Advanced Auto-Tuning functions to adjust automatically motor settings and analyse continuously changes during motor operation to achieve highest machine performance
    • *Advanced energy-saving control technology which improves efficiency and machine productivity incombination with induction and synchronous motor operation



  • High Performance Vector Control Drive A1000

    200V Class Three phase

    A1000 Catalog No Pn(kW)-ND In(A) Ph(kW)-HD IHD(A)
    CIMR-AD2A0004 0.75 3.5 0.4 3.2
    CIMR-AD2A0006 1.1 6 0.75 5
    CIMR-AD2A0008 1.5 8 1.1 6.9
    CIMR-AD2A0010 2.2 9.6 1.5 8
    CIMR-AD2A0012 3 12 2.2 11
    CIMR-AD2A0018 3.7 17.5 3 14
    CIMR-AD2A0021 5.5 21 3.7 17.5
    CIMR-AD2A0030 7.5 30 5.5 25
    CIMR-AD2A0040 11 40 7.5 33
    CIMR-AD2A0056 15 56 11 47
    CIMR-AD2A0069 18.5 69 15 60
    CIMR-AD2A0081 22 81 18.5 75
    CIMR-AD2A0110 30 110 22 85
    CIMR-AD2A0138 37 138 30 115
    CIMR-AD2A0169 45 169 37 145
    CIMR-AD2A0211 55 211 45 180
    CIMR-AD2A0250 75 250 55 215
    CIMR-AD2A0312 90 312 75 283
    CIMR-AD2A0360 110 360 90 346
    CIMR-AA2A0415 110 415 110 415

    400V Class Three phase

    A1000 Catalog No Pn(kW)-ND In(A) Ph(kW)-HD IHD(A)
    CIMR-AD4A0002 0.75 2.1 0.4 1.8
    CIMR-AD4A0004 1.5 4.1 0.75 3.4
    CIMR-AD4A0005 2.2 5.4 1.5 4.8
    CIMR-AD4A0007 3 6.9 2.2 5.5
    CIMR-AD4A0009 3.7 8.8 3 7.2
    CIMR-AD4A0011 5.5 11.1 3.7 9.2
    CIMR-AD4A0018 7.5 17.5 5.5 14.8
    CIMR-AD4A0023 11 23 7.5 18
    CIMR-AD4A0031 15 31 11 24
    CIMR-AD4A0038 18.5 38 15 31
    CIMR-AD4A0044 22 54 18.5 39
    CIMR-AD4A0058 30 58 22 45
    CIMR-AD4A0072 37 72 30 60
    CIMR-AD4A0088 45 88 37 75
    CIMR-AD4A0103 55 103 45 91
    CIMR-AD4A0139 75 139 55 112
    CIMR-AD4A0165 90 165 75 150
    CIMR-AD4A0208 110 208 90 180
    CIMR-AD4A0250 132 250 110 216
    CIMR-AD4A0296 160 296 132 260
    CIMR-AD4A0362 185 362 160 304
    CIMR-AA4A0414 220 414 185 370
    CIMR-AD4A0515 250 515 220 450
    CIMR-AD4A0675 355 675 315 605
    CIMR-AD4A0930 500 930 450 810
    CIMR-AD4A01200 630 1200 560 1090
  • Control Characteristics
    Product A1000
    Type General Purpose AC drive with advanced vector control
    Rated Output Voltage (dependent on input) Three Ph 200V Class : 200 to 240VAC
    Three Ph 400V Class : 380 to 480VAC
    Motor Types Induction Motor, Permanent Magnet Motor (SPM)
    Control Methods V/f Control, V/f Control with PG, Open Loop Vector Control, Closed Loop Vector Control, Open Loop Vector Control for PM, Advanced Open Loop Vector Control for PM, Closed Loop Vector Control for PM
    Speed Control Range V/f Control 1:40
    Open Loop Vector Control 1:200
    Open Loop Vector Control for PM 1:20
    Closed Loop Vector Control for PM 1:1500
    V/f Control with PG 1:40
    Closed Loop Vector Control 1:1500
    Advanced Open Loop Vector Control for PM 1:100
    Starting Torque V/f Control 150%/3 Hz
    Open Loop Vector Control 200%/0.3 Hz
    Open Loop Vector Control for PM 100%/5% speed
    Closed Loop Vector Control for PM 200%/0 min–1
    V/f Control with PG 150%/3 Hz
    Closed Loop Vector Control 200%/0 min–1
    Advanced Open Loop Vector Control for PM 200%/0 min–1
    Frequency Range 0.01 to 400Hz
    Braking Transistor Built-in upto 30kW HD rating
    Frequency Accuracy Digital reference: within ±0.01% of the max. output frequency (-10°C to +40°C)
    Analog reference: within ±0.1% of the max. output frequency (25°C±10°C)
    Frequency Setting Resolution Digital reference: 0.01 Hz, Analog reference: 0.03 Hz / 60 Hz (11 bit)
    Output Frequency
    0.001 Hz
    Torque Limit All vector control modes allow separate settings in four quadrants
    Accel/Decel time 0.0 to 6000.0 seconds
    Environmental Factors
    Ambient Temperature -10˚C to +50˚C ( No Deration required), Upto 60˚C with deration factor
    Altitude Up to 1000 meters (derating required at altitudes from 1000 m to 3000 m)
    Humidity 95% RH or less (no condensation)
    Surrounding Area Pollution degree 2 or less
    Shock 10 Hz to 20 Hz, 9.8 m/s2 max. 〔5.9 m/s2 for models larger than 400 V 450 kW (when set for Heavy Duty performance)〕
    20 Hz to 55 Hz, 5.9 m/s2〔 200 V: 45 kW or more, 400 V: 75 kW or more (when set for Heavy Duty performance)〕 or
    2.0 m/s2 max. 〔200 V: 55 kW or less, 400 V: 90 kW or less (when set for Heavy Duty performance)〕
    Area of Use Indoors
    Protection Features 
    Motor Protection Motor overheat protection based on output current
    Momentary Overcurrent
    Drive stops when output current exceeds 200% of the HD output current.
    Overload Protection Drive stops when the output current exceeds these overload tolerances.
    ・ HD Rating: 150% of the drive rated output current for 60 s.
    ・ ND Rating: 120% of the drive rated output current for 60 s.
    Overvoltage Protection 200 V class: Stops when the DC bus voltage is more than approximately 410 V
    400 V class: Stops when the DC bus voltage is more than approximately 820 V
    Undervoltage Protection 200 V class: Stops when the DC bus voltage decreases to less than approximately 190 V
    400 V class: Stops when the DC bus voltage decreases to less than approximately 380 V
    Momentary Power Loss
    Stops when power loss is longer than 15 ms.
    Continues operation if power loss is shorter than 2 s (depending on parameter settings).
    Heatsink Overheat
    Stall Prevention Stall prevention during acceleration/deceleration and constant speed operation
    Ground Fault Protection Protection by electronic circuit
    Charge LED Charge LED illuminates when DC bus voltage is more than 50 V.
    Standards Compliance UL508C ,IEC/EN61800-3,IEC/EN61800-5-1
    Two Safe Disable inputs and 1EDM output according to ISO/EN13849-1 Cat.3 PLd, IEC/EN61508 SIL2
    Power Specifications
    Rated input Voltage/Frequency 400V Class:
    Three-phase AC power supply: 380 to 480 Vac 50/60 Hz, DC power supply: 510 to 680 Vdc
    200V Class :
    Three-phase AC power supply: 200 to 240 Vac 50/60 Hz, DC power supply: 270 to 340 Vdc
    Allowable Voltage
    −15% to 10%
    Allowable Frequency
    Common Specifications
    Carrier Frequency Derating the output current enables a maximum of 15 kHz to be set.( Based on rating )
    Multi Funcction Digital Inputs 8 Digital Inputs ( NPN or PNP ) 
    Multi Function Digital Outputs 1 Programmable Relay  M1-M2 (AC 250 V, max. 1 A DC 30 V, max. 1 A min. load DC 5 V, 10 mA), 1 fault relay MA-MB-MC, 2 photcouplers P1,P2 (48 Vdc, max. 50 mA)
    Multi Function Analog Inputs 3 Multi function Analog input A1(0 to 10 Vdc (20 kΩ)), A2(0 to 10 Vdc (20 k)
    4 to 20 mA / 0 to 20 mA (250)) & A3 (0 to 10 Vdc (20 kΩ)
    Multi Function Analog Output 2 Multi function Analog outputs FM-AC &  AM-AC (−10 to +10 Vdc (2 mA))
    Pulse Train  1 Pusle Train output (0 – 32 kHz (2 kΩ))
    1 Pulse Train input (max 32mA)
    Serial communication MEMOBUS/Modbus (RTU mode) comm. RS-485, Max. 115.2 kbps
    Optional communication Protocols Mechatrolink, Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, CC-Link, Canopen, Bacnet, Devicenet, EtherCAT, Lonworks
    Programming Interface Serial port or USB B port in front of VFD
    Additional Functions Torque Control, Droop Control, Speed/Torque Control switch, Feed Forward Control, Zero Servo Control, Momentary Power Loss Ride-Thru, Speed Search, Overtorque detection, torque limit, 17 Step Speed (max.), accel/decel time switch, S-curve accel/decel, 3-wire sequence, Auto-Tuning (rotational, stationary), Online Tuning, Dwell, cooling fan on/off switch, slip compensation, torque compensation, Frequency Jump, Upper/lower limits for frequency reference, DC Injection Braking at start and stop, Overexcitation Deceleration, High Slip Braking, PID control (with Sleep function), Energy Saving Control, MEMOBUS/Modbus (RTU mode) comm. (RS-485/422, max. 115.2 kbps), Fault Restart, Application Presets, DriveWorksEZ (customized functions), Removable Terminal Block with Parameter Backup.


  • Crane Software Drive – A1000


    • 3ph 200V …. 240V +10%/-15%,0.4kW to 110kW
    • 3ph 380V…. 480V +10%/-15%, 0.4kW to 300kW

    YASKAWA has got profound experience in the Material handling industry derived from long term partnerships with OEM’s and End customers. Application specific solutions ensure high efficiency and profitability for its customers.


    • Intelligent in-built brake control function ensures smooth opening and closing of mechanical brakes.
    • Reduces wear and tear of brake shoes in turn increase its lifespan.
    • Prevents slippage of load & ensures complete security.
    • Dedicated crane parameters reduce the installation time.
    • Individual torque control in all 4 quadrants of operation.


    • Avoids slackness of rope while placing the load
    • Maintain tightness by rotating the drum in opposite direction
    • Saves operating time
    • Maintains Tensile strength of the rope
    • Increases productivity


    • Drive senses any impact on the load and runs in lower speed for some time
    • If the Run command is also removed, the drive will stop after monitoring torque reference
    • Enhances safety


    • Protection against mechanical brake failures during NO RUN command
    • DC injection function provides required torque to hold the load
    • Alarms the operator about mechanical brake failure.
    • Enhances safety


    • This function saves operating time of hoist during No- Load condition
    • In built intelligent function provides dynamic speed control by load detection
    • No external load sensor required
    • Reduces cycle time
    • Improves operational efficiency
    • Increases productivity


    • Prevent the load from travelling beyond a predefined point.
    • Reduces physical damages due to uncontrolled operations.
    • Multi-function digital inputs can be configured for forward or reverse travel limits.
    • Provides the safety operation for the Long / cross travel.


    • Smaller footprint drives ensure high compatibility.
    • Panel provision in single girder cranes can be eliminated.


    • Dedicated acceleration and deceleration parameters for smooth operation.
    • Prevents shocks and load swings.
    • Allows very accurate load positioning


    • YASKAWA Drives are designed to operate upto 60ºC.
    • Deration of the drive current above 50ºC.
    • Drives are designed to operate in Humidity / Dust operation


    • Controls the crane on multi speeds, allowing customer to customize as per the requirement.
    • Multiple speed references (17 speeds) are available.
    • Provides smooth operation of crane and prevent jerk.


    • Provides a redundant hardware safety circuit
    • Isolates the Drive and Motor during an Emergency with safe torque off function.
    • Eliminates the need for external circuit for isolating the power.
    • It allows easy maintenance of the motor / mechanical system without Drive power off.


    • It ensures the speed regulation and accuracy in both hoisting directions.
    • Reduces operating time.
    • Improves speed response


    • Causes the drive to fault and commands the brake to set if an input or output phase loss occurs.
    • Prevents over heating of motor due to output phase loss.


    • Ensures the full load torque at zero RPM
    • Monitor over load & load loss and perform load sharing operation for multiple hoist cranes.
    • Detects over torque and under torque condition
  • Winder Software Drive – A1000


    • 3 ~ 380V …. 480V +10%/-15%, 0.4kW to 160kW

    A1000 for Winder is the solution to requirements of rewinder and unwinder systems. Being able to control induction and PM motors in open or closed loop,it allows precise winding of different materials such as textiles, paper, foils,wires and others.

    Features & Benefits

    • For line speeds up to 1500 m/min.
    • Accurate motor control for smooth movements assures gentle winding and prevents stretch or material break, especially with sensitive materials
    • Line tension control by direct torque control or by utilizing a dancer or tension cell
    • Built in diameter calculator with memory function for easy start up after power off
    • Static and dynamic friction compensation for precise tension control
    • Excellent winding performance independent of line
      speed or diameter thanks to self-adapting PID, selfadapting motor control and inertia compensation
    • Adjustable taper function optimizes tension depending on diameter
    • Built in web break detection
    • Application intelligence in the drive reduces requirements for external PLC and I/Os and improves winding performance
    • Cost reduction, reliability improvement and lessmaintenance by doing away with external sensors for diameter or web break.
  • High Performance Vector Control Drive A1000 Ratings:

    • 3 phase, 200V Class : 0.4kW to 110kW
    • 3 phase 400V Class : 0.4kW to 560kW

    A1000 solar drive is used solar pump applications .

    • Suitable for BLDC and PM motor
    • Suitable for surface mount and submersible pump for 3 Phase 200Volts/400volts induction motor
    • wide range capacity from 0.1kW to 18.5kW
    • All day run stop restart mode management
    • Diagnostics and self protection features.
    • Protection against dry run of pump
    • Simple and faster installation and commissioning.
    V1000 Solar Technical Electrical specification
    Pump inverter type V/F control with derived MPPT Technology
    Dual supply ( Grid/ Solar) Change over Available
    input DC voltage (VOC) 400volts DC for 200volts Class and 800volts class for 400 volts drive
    input DC voltage (Vmp) 280 VDC to 310V Dc /510V dc to 620V DC
    Input DC cuttent and power As per motor capacity
    Min frequency 0hz selectable setting range
    Max frequency 120Hz
    Shock 10 to less than 20 Hz (9.8m/s2) max
    output Ac voltage 3 phase 190-240v (-15%.+10%)/380-480V/(-15%,+10%)
    Output Ac voltage As per chart above
    Motor frequency 0-60Hz
    Motor control technology V/f Control
    MPPT voltage 230V to 360 V for 200 volts

    460V to 620 V for 400 volts

    Over load capacity 120% for ND
    under voltage 125V DC for 200 volts Class/ 250 for 400 volts Class
    protection Dry run , short circuit, Open Phase in input & output side, High Voltage, Low voltage and over load , earthing, recerse polarity.
    Ambient temp -10deg to 50 deg
    Relative humidity Max 95% relative humanity

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