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  • About YASKAWA

    YASKAWA journey in India began with the business of PLC in1980 and AC drives in 1990 and steadily expanded to accommodate growing customer needs. Today, our operations span the length and breadth of the country, and India remains a central hub for our future goals, which is headed by dynamic team.

    We address innovation primarily through two distinct product and service categories: Drives & Motion Control and Robotics Automation.

    Our AC Drives division is spread over a production facility of 3 assembly lines, in a 55,000 sq.ft facility in Bengaluru. Products include:

      • High Performance Vector Control DriveA1000.
      • Matix converter U1000.
      • Compact V/f Control DriveJ1000.
      • Compact Vector Control DriveV1000.
      • Special purpose inverter drive:
          • L1000 A for lift application.
          • A1000 with winder software for winder application.
        • D1000 & R1000 for regenerative drive.

    Our Motion Control services address a variety of needs through products such as:

        • Sigma 5 / Servo Drive
        • Sigma 5 / Servo Motor / Linear Motor / Direct drive motor
        • MP2000

    Our controllers are designed for a host of applications including assembly and small parts handling. The open source architecture allows complete customisation.

    We see the future roles for our AC Drives division converging into effective environmental energy solutions, across health care, amusement and commercial use.

    Our robotics applications presence in India started in 2005. Core strengths include welding, assembly, coating, dispensing and material cutting. From a stable of over 175 robotic variants, we have been able to successfully integrate over 3000 installations in both general production lines and specific process cells.

    Consequently, our installations have been hugely successful across industries—from health care to manufacturing plants, entertainment parks, commercial establishments and core industries such as automotives, light and heavy engineering.

    In the Application Robots segment, our expertise addresses needs including

        • Arc welding
        • Spot welding
        • Handling Robot
        • Pick, pack and palletizing from2kg to 800kgs load capacity
        • Painting Robot.
        • Arc welding

    The Robotics future vision plan will aid better delivery in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, education and evolve into comprehensive human-assist solutions.

    Our production capabilities are effectively complemented by a comprehensive after sales support and service network.

    In India, our corporate headquarters and drives & motion control division is located in Bengaluru, the robotics division in Gurgaon and branch offices across Pune, Bengaluru &Chennai.

    YASKAWA global network spans across Asia Pacific region, Europe, the Americas and Africa; this has been an advantage for our customers on after sales services & technical support.

    At YASKAWA, we are constantly trying to outperform our benchmarks, with a continuous focus on R&D. Our patents for the world’s fastest robot are among the many significant achievements; it is easy to see that we place quality innovations first.

    Our financial credentials further endorse our capabilities. Our global revenues touched close to 310 billion Yen for the year 2012-13, while our Indian operations crossed 1.8 billion INR.

    Come 2015, we will celebrate a century of making living easier. In a befitting tribute to our growth thus far, our global Vision 2015 focuses on:

        • Robotics Human Assist domain where we will work towards a symbiotic co-existence between robots and mankind.
        • Working towards a sustainable environmental energy conservation, using specific drive technologies.
        • Work towards energy creation solutions.

    Our social responsibility takes into account the impact of our work on our immediate and global environments. From instituting a comprehensive internal environment management system to ensuring that we are a green company from procurement through product functioning, we aim to minimise the burden on a rapidly declining ecological balance. Team YASKAWA also spends considerable time in community care initiatives such as afforestation; education and instituting waste recycle management programmes.

    We have bright plans for the future. And we are making that possible, one innovation at a time.

    President’s Message

    Mr. Akinori Urakawa

    President & Chairman
    YASKAWA India Pvt. Ltd.

    YASKAWA Electric Corporation was founded in 1915 in Japan. With continuous patronage and support from customers and business partners, we celebrated our 100 years’ anniversary last year

    Since its foundation, Yaskawa is consistently contributing to society with our unchangeable philosophy and our principle. With regard to our contribution we are always considering:

    • By products: energy saving & release human from severe environment or monotonous work
    • By business growth: we will be able to create jobs with our business partners and suppliers
    • By CSR: donation to country, states and NPO such as supporting disabled & needy people

    In order to continue contribution, our products must be accepted by our partners and customers, we are confident & making it with possible by our most advanced technology and its concept.

    We have just started next 100 years journey, it looks long, but we are sure to make journey successful by walking together.


    Thank You,
    Akinori Urakawa
    President & Chairman



    • India Journey started with Larsen & Toubro for PLC business (MEMOCON)


    • India Journey started with Larsen & Toubro for AC Drives business


    • July – Robotic business was Established in collaboration with Mortherson Sumi Group


    • Started Robotic sales & service centers in Bengaluru & pune


    • Started Robotic sales & service centers in Chennai


    • August – YASKAWA Electric India Private Limited, was established In Bengaluru a subsidary of YASKAWA Electric corporation – Japan


    • February – Started assembling of AC drive At Electronic city, Bengaluru.
    • March – First assembled AC drives was shiped
    • April – Started Robotic business as 100% subsidary of YASKAWA Electric Corporation – Japan
    • August – Introduction of new model V1000 AC drive for the existing assembly line


    • April – Established New Assembly Line For L1000 Drive.
    • May – YASKAWA Group President Mr. Junji Tsuda, visited India AC Drives factory for formal inaguration.
    • October – Achieved ISO 9001:2000 Certification.
    • November – Established New Assembly Line For middle and large capacity Drives
      Drives & motion control and Robotic Divisions merged under the name “YASKAWA India Pvt Ltd”


    • February – Robotic Division Achived Iso 9001:2008 Certification.


    • Robotic Division Celebrates 10th Anniversary.
    • Inauguration of R&D department


    • Completed manufacturing 1,00,000 Lakh Units.

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