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We are a company of diverse, talented people with a passion for pursuing excellence in all that we do. Our values are grounded in strong ethics, transparency and openness.

YASKAWAS’ greatest asset is our people. This mission is what drives us in our development, recognition and retention of our most vital assets – employees.

YASKAWA, We look to hire people who value a positive work culture, want to be parts of a winning team, and have a desire to learn and grow. YASKAWA’s culture of continuous improvement values hiring individuals that are looking for the opportunity to stretch their current talents and skills to the next level and beyond. We are proud to say the company has a global reach but with local service for our customers.

If you’d like an exciting, challenging and rewarding workplace with career advancement based on performance, explore opportunities at YASKAWA.

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A culture of equal opportunity: “YASKAWA company shall provide equal opportunities to all its employees and all qualified applicants for employment, without regard to their race, caste, religion, colour, ancestry, marital status, sex, age, nationality, disability and veteran status. Employees of a YASKAWA company shall be treated with dignity and in accordance with the policy to maintain a good & healthy work environment and the decisions are merit-based”.

In the essence of evolution, we adopt an inclusive approach. We welcome all talent, without any partiality whatsoever. What counts foremost is a demonstration of the potential and competencies.

We understand that helping you as an individual to realise your full potential will help the company overall to achieve outstanding results.

We are committed to broadening opportunities for women.

Working at YASKAWA

  • Career Development:

We enable personal growth and development by offering open dialogue, including structured feedback, knowledge transfer and opportunities for multi-directional career steps, such as working on different responsibilities, moving between businesses or rotating among functions or geographies.

  • Regular performance and development reviews:

There is an annual cycle of review between employee and manager about performance, development and career path. This is a true dialogue in which we seek to align employee interests and business needs. The process is ends with agreement of a development plan.

  • Work-life Balance:

Helping achieve work-life balance is integral to general health and wellbeing, increasing work satisfaction and motivation. Enabling to be more committed, more flexible and more responsive to the business and customers’ needs. We believe positive workplace help to foster a positive attitude in the wider community.

  • Competitive salary and benefits:

A key part of our HR policy is recognising each employee’s contribution to the performance of the company. We ensure remuneration is fair and competitive in the relevant market. Depending on the position and responsibility, your compensation package includes benefits such as bonuses, health insurance and retirement benefits.

Current openings

> Staff / Sr. Engineer


Department : Research & Development

Location : Bangalore

Reporting To : Development Section Head (R&D Division)

> Sr. Sales Engineer / Sales Engineer (Motion Control)


Department : Sales & Marketing

Location : Mumbai / Ahmedabad / Bangalore

Reporting To : Regional Manager


Meet Our People

  • Dhanesh N

    Sr.Application Engineer(Robotic-Division)

    Joining YASKAWA has opened up a plethora of opportunities for me to learn. YASKAWA has a pleasant work culture that focuses on empowerment. I feel empowered and encouraged to deliver success. Every day I have the opportunity to work with experienced and talented people across industries in a work environment that fosters true teamwork and collaboration.

  • Manju Pandey

    Engineer-Sales & Support (Robotic Division)

    YASKAWA offers opportunities for growth and learning. It provides you the medium required to grow professionally, like working in stages of lifecycle on different processes. It also provides various on-site opportunities to understand how to manage internal & external customer relationship and stresses the importance of timely delivery.

  • Ridhi Mehra

    Sales Co-ordinator Trainee (Robotic Division)

    Ever since I joined YASKAWA, the organization has groomed me to assume greater responsibility towards the position I’m currently in today. The opportunity to grow and enhance your knowledge base is enormously high in YASKAWA. The individual’s growth propels the organization and vice versa.

  • Dhanish Mohamed Abdullah

    Engineer-Project & Service (Robotics Division)

    YASKAWA provides many opportunities for growth and learning. There is always a way to obtain knowledge, whether it is through on-the-job learning, classes or onsite courses.

  • Saritha P

    Production Supervisor (Drives & Motion Control Division)

    Life at YASKAWA has always been a learning experience. The efficient guidance has provided a platform to flourish quickly in the organization. YASKAWA values every individual contribution to the advancement of the organization. The top management provides abundant opportunities and encourages their subordinates to take on bigger responsibilities.

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